Christian Leaders Institute Accreditation with IABCS

Christian Leaders Institute Accreditation with IABCS

Christian Leaders Institute Accreditation with IABCS

Christian Leaders Institute attended the annual conference of the International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries in Atlanta on April 10. Twenty-Five Academic leaders from the United States and Mexico met to talk about such topics as rigorous but appropriate academic standards, fraternal Institution relationships, service projects and much more.

Rev. Henry Reyenga, president of Christian Leaders Institute said, “This organization has an opportunity to be pioneers in high-quality religious education. The internet has made it possible to reach more people with ministry training opportunities.  The Christian Leaders Institute accreditation with IABCS is important to  our organization and the future of many schools and seminaries.”

Chrisitan Leaders Institute started in 2001. Chrisitan Leaders Institute delivers generosity-driven online ministry training. Christian Leaders Institute is serious about offering this training to the world.  The International Association of Bible Colleges and Seminaries offers four important benefits for Christian Leaders Institute.

  1. An Organization of Credibility support

    Since CLI offers an exclusively online training platform, IABCS is suited as a real asset for credibility for CLI! Peer evaluation of the CLI’s programs assures students and other schools CLI is effective as a place to study ministry.

  2. A Fellowship With Other Religious Schools

    President Henry Reyenga said at the meeting, “I love meeting key leaders from other schools serious about high-quality religious education.”

  3. Learn about New Innovative Ideas

    When passionate leaders meet together who have an attitude of generosity great things happen.  These religious leaders bring new ideas to the table. Some ideas are very helpful!

  4. Non-Government Accreditation

    Christian Leaders Institute likes the focus away from any federal government accreditation involvement. Reyenga said, “Our school educate people from everywhere. We believe in the separation of church and state especially in the editorial voice, that is accreditation.”

Christian Leaders Institute recommends religious schools check out IABCS.  Reyenga said, “I see this organization making a big difference! Dr. Randal S. Langley is president of IABCS. He is motivated to making non-governmental, high-quality religious education accreditation a world changing movement for future schools”


4 thoughts on “Christian Leaders Institute Accreditation with IABCS

  1. Thanks for sharing this post.

    It is said that IABCS accreditation is regional. Does this mean it is only acceptable in a certain region ? If so, which please?

    1. No. It applies Internationally. It was originally started for the southern USA region. In the 1990’s it expanded beyond that. Today, schools from all over are welcome into this group.

  2. I thank God for CLI. CLI is in deed an answer to the cry of thousands of called Christian Leaders all over the world. The Future of CLI is in deed bright.

    1 Corinthians 2:9 But as it is written, Eye has not seen, nor ear heard, neither have entered into the heart of man, the things which God has prepared for them that love him.

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