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Quality Religious Accreditation is the IABCS Passion!

The passion for quality religious accreditation began in the early 1950s when Bible college and seminary leaders officially founded the “Southern Accrediting Association of Bible Colleges, Institutes and Seminaries” and chartered under that name in Georgia in 1954. Over the years, the working name emerged to our current name, International Association of Bible Schools and Seminaries (IABCS). Read history.

IABCS is passionate about quality religious accreditation for Bible schools and seminaries. What does quality religious accreditation mean?

Quality Religious Accreditation Standards

  1. Non-Governmental Editorial Control – Bible schools and seminaries welcome appropriate relationships with governmental institutions, such as obtaining 501(c)3 status and such. More and more Bible schools and seminaries want to hold each other accountable for the standards that deliver quality religious accreditation.
  2. Peer School Accountability – Accreditation agencies like IABCS have rigorous standards and processes for ensuring that member schools are complying with such things as quality instruction, proper governance, financial stability, accurate record keeping, and much more. Schools in IABCS voluntarily hold each other accountable so that quality religious accreditation is possible for members schools.
  3. Site Visits – IABCS has implemented site visits where peer leaders actually evaluate member schools to gain a third party opinion on compliance to IABCS rigorous standards.

Utilizing effective educational strategies, IABCS has become a catalyst for many institutions to grow their student body and add credibility to their curriculum. Our members promote mutual transferability of academic coursework among all IABCS schools.

If you are a Bible College, Bible Institute, Bible School or Seminary and you want to join our peer community, we invite you to apply for membership.

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