By Laws

Article I – Membership

Section 1. Criteria of Membership

  • A Bible college or seminary shall be eligible for membership if it satisfactorily conforms in every respect to the Association’s
    standards for that level of institutional education.
  • Each member institution must be certified by, hold membership in, and pay fees to the Association.

Section 2. Requirements for Membership

All institutions admitted into membership of the Association shall be in accord with the Doctrinal Statement, giving proof of same by a signed
statement each year, and shall abide by the statements of the Constitution and By-Laws, and shall strive constantly to maintain the academic
standards of its respective level, and shall pay the annual fees required.

Section 3. Types of Membership

Levels of membership would be confirmed after application submitted and a team would visit the interested institution (at their expense) and
provide peer review and training for next level of membership.


A. Fees would be determined by level of membership desired:
1.  Affiliate:   $200.00/year
2.  Applicant:
a. Initial fee with application:                        $75.00/one time
b.  Once approved (following visit):                $300.00/year*
3.  Candidate:       $400.00/year**
 (based on completion of recommendations within time frame after visit)     
4.  Member:   $500.00/year


B.     Program status as certified :
1.  Institute – non-degreed certificate programs
2.  College (undergraduate programs)
3.  Seminary (offering either one or both graduate and post-graduate)

C.     Level of membership:
1.  Affiliate would be a church or para-church institute with separate application and different fees for developing an identity and providing resources.
2.  *Applicant for one year (IABCS will provide consultation prior to peer review).
3.  **Candidate that would have a two-year time frame to achieve next level (after peer review).
4.  Member has completed the three-year process.

D.     Standardized unit of credit for academic institutions (primarily college and seminary status programs):
1.  15 pages of reading = one clock hour
2.  1 clock hour = 50 minutes
3.  15 clock hours = one semester credit

E.     Recommendations to above listed standards:
1.   Develop matriculation agreement among membership with member schools to provide facilitation of transfer into
accredited institutions.
2.   Peer review (noted in Constitution and By-Laws, Article III, Section 2, B.) to develop checklist and recommendations to prepare for site visit after training session.

Section 4. Membership Procedures

  • An institution will express an interest in the Association by requesting material on Membership. This material (which shall include an
    application form, a copy of the evaluation guideline, copies of administration / faculty forms, a copy of the By-Laws, and such other
    material that may be advisable) will be sent to the institution by the Secretary of the Association.
  • The interested institution should study the material carefully and if they wish to pursue membership, should send the application form
    and the application fee. The institution will then begin to write its self evaluation report, following the guidelines provided, and upon
    completion, submit it to the Executive Committee.
  • The Executive Committee will study the report and appoint a team to visit the institution. The Visiting Team may request additional
    information before the visit, or may recommend that the visit be postponed  until the institution can bring its standards into line with
    those of the Association.  When the visit is made, it will be at the expense of the visited institution.
  • The report of the Visiting Team will be submitted to the Executive Committee after the visit for a thorough study in a formal meeting.
    The results will be presented to the President of the institution.
  • An applicant institution may move immediately into any category of membership upon the recommendation of the Executive
  • When an institution is accepted into any category of membership, the first annual dues are payable, and recognition will not be
    granted until they are paid. The application fee shall not apply toward payment of these dues.

Section 5. Maintaining Membership

  • Membership in this Association is maintained by the institution meeting the Academic criteria and standards as set forth in the By-
  • All institutions (candidate, associate, and certified), must submit annual reports of their present condition and their progress during
    the year, pay designated dues, and have  representation or written explanation at the annual Association meeting. The annual report
    forms are to be sent to the institutions by the first of December and they are to be returned by the 15th of January. A penalty will be
    charged to those schools who fail to return their annual report forms on time.
  • Each certified member shall be re-examined each six (6) years.
  • Each associate member shall be re-examined after three (3) years.

Section 6. Termination of Membership

Membership in this Association may be terminated by  voluntary withdrawal in writing; action of the Association upon recommendation
of the Executive Committee based upon proof that such member institution no longer conforms to the standards of the Association,
failure to pay annual fees, or to furnish the annual report within one year after such are due, and after the institution has been given full
notification of its delinquency.

Section 7.  Probation

An institution may be put on probation by the Association upon recommendation of the Executive Committee if it fails to correct major
deficiencies after having being duly notified and accompanied by a statement of its deficiencies. The term of probation and conditions for
removal of probation should be clearly stated. The Association takes action at the end of the designated period either to withdraw the
probation or to terminate its membership.

Section 8.   Dues and Fines

  • Institutions holding candidacy, associate or certified membership in the Association shall remain current with dues.
  • All institutions desiring membership in the Association shall send in their application fee along with their application form.
  • Any institution visited by a designated representative or designated Visiting Team of the Executive Committee for the purpose of an
    examination, shall bear the expenses for such a visit.  A minimum fee shall be charged for all institutions examined.
  • When an institution is accepted into any category of membership, the first annual dues are payable, and recognition will not be
    granted until they are paid. The application fee shall not apply toward payment of these dues.
  • Any candidate or member institution not sending a representative to the annual meeting, or failing to submit a written report to the
    annual meeting, shall be assessed a fee set by the Association.
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